Courtyard by Marriott Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System

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MFS designed and installed a custom fire alarm and sprinkler system for the Courtyard by Marriott in Texas. jQuery(window).load(function() {jQuery('.x-flexslider-shortcode-1').flexslider({selector : '.x-slides > li',prevText : '',nextText : '',animation : 'fade',controlNav : true,directionNav : true,slideshowSpeed : 5000,animationSpeed : 650,slideshow : false,randomize : false,pauseOnHover : true,useCSS : true,touch : true,video : true,smoothHeight : true,easing : 'easeInOutExpo'});});

319 Bragg

mccoyfire Business, Projects

A mixed use water system we designed and installed for a luxury apartment complex which didn't have sufficient pressure from the city to supply the domestic water let alone our fire sprinkler systems. It will take the city's 45 psi water and supply a continuous 350 gallons a minute at 60psi for domestic use and 500 gallons a minute at ...