Inspection & Maintenance

Residential Services

Access Control:  Access control is becomeing more popular in today’s homes.  Everything from garage doors to main entry doors can be controled in several different ways.  Incorporation with a home automation system will greatly  increase it’s functionality.

Alarm Monitoring:  Our monitoring service is UL listed and starts at $12.50 per month.

Burglar Alarms:   According to the FBI, in the United States, a burglar enters a home every 14 seconds.  Homes without security systems are 3 times more likely to be broken into that a home with a monitored security system.  With a Security System from MFS, you have piece of mind that your home is equipped with the most advanced and reliable security technology available.  MFS systems are proven in applications from single family homes to commercial buildings.

Central Vacuum:   A Central Vacuum System ends your need to lug around heavy equipment from room to room by placing in-wall suction valves throughout your home.  Now all you need is a lightweight hose that plugs in where needed for no hassle cleaning.

Closed Circuit TV:   With a front door camera you have the added security of knowing who is at your door before you answer it. Safely screen visitors from any location with our cutting edge high-resolution cameras that let you see your visitors.  If one camera isn’t enough for your surveillance needs, the Front Door camera can be part of a whole house package. Now in addition to knowing who’s at the front door, you can watch your baby’s’ room or keep an eye on the kids by the pool with the high-resolution, indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras. With their sealed metal housings and low-light sensitivity, the weather resistant cameras are great for viewing areas outside and around the home. And you can monitor activity from the comfort and security of your home’s tv.

Fire Suppression

Home Automation:   Products that can ‘talk’ to each other, check on their status and react accordingly is what is meant by home automation.  Products from our range can communicate and work under a common interface, carrying out tasks unattended, using conditional logic, the smart home is now a reality.
Home Theater

Infrared Control:   Many custom audio-video systems use infrared components to operate source equipment. Russound infrared products provide a window from your handheld remote to your source equipment out of the line of sight, whether located in a different room or enclosed in cabinetry.
Lighting Control:   Lights are no longer just a way to illuminate a room or space, they can become part of the interior design and the safety/functionality of the home.  Lighting control systems enable almost infinite amounts of dimming, and the ability to control multiple circuits at the touch of one button.  The real beauty is that those circuits don’t have to be in the same room, you can create lighting scenes that can help to create a mood in a certain room, or that have a functional purpose – e.g. a welcome home scene that turns on exterior lights and lights a path way to the front door.  The only limitation is really your imagination!

Media Servers:   A media server is an easy to use integrated digital entertainmen center.  It can record and play TV, DVD’s, CD’s, MP3’s, and Video.  These formats can also be played out to many tv’s located throughout the home.

Plasma Installations


Structured Wiring:   Communication is everything today, sending voice & data around a home in a straight forward manner isn’t as easy as you’d think – unless you adopt a structured approach to the wiring.  Our structured systems are perfect for today’s technology with scope for change as technology evolves.

Surround Sound:   With Surround Sound Speakers, dialogue, sound effects, and music combine to create drama and realism that grab the senses, with sounds that surround the viewer.  Experience the pleasure of watching great movies in the comfort of your home.  These systems come in serveral differnt configurations and utilizes different size and shape speakers to fit your home.

Whole House Audio:   Music is great for adding atmosphere and entertainment to any room or living area.  Most people have various radios and other audio devices scattered throughout the home, so they can have music playing while doing any number of tasks in and around the home.  A whole house audio system allows you to have music playing throughout the house, while controling multiple audio sources from each location.